Brown Girl Creations

I have been doing woodworking for a few years now. I know there are others out there who do similar work, which is why I feel giddy that you either sought me out or stumbled upon my page. Either way, I don’t mind it at all.

I am a one-person shop and every piece I create is made with passion, creativity and love (and sometimes a few cusswords). I am a dreamer and one day the full vision of what I want will wow those around me as well as myself.

I also do advocacy work in raising awareness in childhood sexual abuse and sexual assault. My most important work is being a wife and mama. I enjoy that part of my life immensely.

That said, I am excited to create something unique for you! Take a moment to visit my site, look around and give me a shout when you see something you like.

Have a wonderful day folks…

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