CPR and First Aid training

CPR Professionals is an American Heart Association Training Center providing First Aid and CPR training throughout Colorado.

CPR Professionals was created to offer expert CPR & First Aid Instruction to everyone. CPR is the simplest and most effective tool anyone can have to make a significant difference in a life or death situation. However, people often find the idea of actually performing CPR very intimidating and are afraid they may do something wrong. CPR Professionals' goal is to show students that CPR is anything but rocket science and is nothing to be intimidated by! In fact, once you've mastered the Band-Aid the next step as far as difficulty goes is CPR! By creating an enjoyable, relaxed and interactive learning environment students quickly realize that this skill is easy and that anyone can do it!

Our classes are designed with your group in mind and are specifically set up to meet your needs. There is no, "one size fits all" mentality. It wouldn't make any sense to teach class of babysitters CPR at the healthcare provider level. Our classes include lots of hands on time to help students master the skills, and as much question and answer time as needed.

Our instructors come from a variety of diverse healthcare professions and are able to interject their own real life experiences with CPR and First Aid into the classes. This not only makes for a few interesting stories but also brings CPR and First Aid into real life situations.

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