FLAME Natural Decon

Decontamination products developed for firefighters:

Activated charcoal is charcoal (derived from different natural resources like coal, coconut shells, peanut shells, hardwood,
bamboo, peat, etc.) that has been treated with oxygen at very high temperatures to make it porous. This treatment changes its
internal structure, causing it to develop microscopic holes and increasing its surface area. Once turned into activated charcoal it
looks like tiny sponges under a microscope. The holes in them are different sizes depending on the type of activated charcoal.

This process causes the charcoal to have a negative charged porous texture, which attracts positively charged molecules. When
these positively charged toxins pass through the activated charcoal, they bind to it through a process known as adsorption. The key
is - in order for activated charcoal to remove a toxin, you have to match the pore size of the activated charcoal to the carcinogen
you're trying to remove so it will get trapped in the activated charcoal during this process - or it won't enter the pores of the
activated charcoal (if too large) or will pass right through (if too small).

This is why we developed our proprietary blend of activated charcoal to remove all sizes of toxins, as there is not a single source of
activated charcoal that will remove all sizes of toxins. This same concept has been used by the United States Military and
government organizations for skin decontamination after CBRNE exposures and in masks for air contaminates for years. Our
blend 1s specitic to firetighter decon and makes use alter carcinogen exposures as easy as taking a shower.

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