Hot Mess Bookkeeping

Are you struggling to keep your books in order? Do you dread balancing your bank account each month (have you even ever reconciled your books?) At tax time, you spend 5 days buried in your books trying to find receipts and remember what that random purchase from Walmart was back in June. Each month (or once a year) you step out of your zone of genius and into what you hate or simply don't have time for, your finances. How many thousands of dollars did you lose by not working on your business during that time?

Now imagine, your books are clean, you understand exactly where your business is at and where you're going, and you know who owes you and who you owe. Your bank balances are reconciled every month, and you can trust the numbers you see in QuickBooks. Your precious time is spent on your business (making money) and on things you value (making memories). You've known throughout the year how much you've made and been able to get your estimated taxes paid (on time!) You are one of the first businesses to get your taxes done and you were able to smile during the process.

Hi, I'm Jenny Barrett, the Master Numbers Nerd behind Hot Mess Bookkeeping. I specialize in helping small business owners clean up their processes and their messy books. When tax time comes, you can take a simple report, hand it to your tax professional, and they will thank you for how easy it is to get your taxes done. If you want to feel better about your business and how money flows through it, schedule a call and we'll chat about your specific situation.

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