ReThink by GALT

Do you have an idea, invention or an investor pitch that you wish you could get feedback on to provide some sort of idea of how the public will receive it? Maybe you’re stuck with a business challenge and have no clue how to resolve it. You’re not alone. Many business owners and entrepreneurs often find themselves in the same situation. For this reason, GALT is pleased to announce the launch of ReThink.

ReThink is an advisory panel. The platform allows you to present to business professionals and receive feedback. The objective is to obtain various viewpoints that may help you better accomplish your goals. Presentations are delivered via Zoom, so regardless of where you’re located, you can still participate.

Once you’ve submitted your request to present, and your request is accepted, we’ll provide you with available presentation dates. First come, first serve! If you miss your presentation date for any reason, you’ll be placed on a 90 day probation. After 90 days, you can submit a new request to present. To get started, select the website link to the right.

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