Redefine Relief, LLC

Redefine Relief Therapeutic Massage is focused on providing pain relief, rehabilitation from injury and general wellness in a relaxing and therapeutic environment. Treatments are created for the whole person and are unique to each client. We address physical issues as well as emotional, mental and spiritual, when needed.


~"I am very picky when it comes to a massage therapist. I am an athlete that has had quite a few injuries. Some massage therapists have great technique but do not have that special "healing touch" regardless of years under there belt. Some beginners have the healing touch but not technique. Shannon has the gift of both. She is exactly what you are looking for. She also has an amazing heart and works with lots of cancer patients. She genuinely cares about each person. I won't go any where else." -N.F.

~"I have been having shoulder pain for years and since I starting seeing Shannon for close to a year and I don't have any pain in my shoulder and I can do the things I love in Colorado. I still go see her at least once a month to make sure the rest of my body is in great shape. I recommend Shannon to everyone, and if you are having any issues go see her!" -K.S.

~"I visited her because of some pain in my lower back that was affecting the way I was walking. She was very professional and helpful. I found her very knowledgeable and intuitive. She was also very receptive to my needs and pain levels and managed them expertly. I strongly recommend her, and will happily go back to continue working my back." -M.D.

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