Rocky Mountain Love Clothing Co.

Mountains have always given me a sense of peace. It’s where my “Prozac” saying came from…It was the morning of June 2, we had moved to the majestic Rockies just the day before and I had to wake up and go to the store to get supplies. My bubbly-morning-person husband was up and bouncing around the house, I on the other hand am not a morning person,. Pre-coffee I did the only logical thing and spouted off a snarky remark. If I’m being completely transparent, I was being a total bitch, and he let it slide (like he always does) because he’s sweet like that. I was sleep deprived, anxious, slightly overwhelmed, this was a big move across the country to chase our dreams. We were living in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment with our 3 sons while we waited (impatiently) for our house to be built. I hopped into my car and I began driving, not really wanting to go to the store (I actually just wanted more coffee and a nap) and that’s when I saw it…the front range. And this feeling washed over me like I’ve never felt before, that feeling you get right before you go completely under before a surgery, this sense of relief, my worry was gone, absolute bliss. My anxiety slipped away and I knew I was home. I immediately called the hubs and apologized and told him about the mountains and since that day they have just been my happy place. I constantly thank God that He made them, like He needs a reminder that He did good. They are truly just my happy place. I’ve lived near mountains before, but have never appreciated the beauty and majesty of them. So now living in Colorado, it’s a pleasure, scratch that, it’s a privilege. We have a bucket list, we do things as a family. I want my kids to grow up and know the beauty that is Colorado, and with the help of my husbands and myself they will know it.

I’m Cynthia and I am the designer and founder of Rocky Mountain Love Co. and what you read is a true story, it’s my story. I moved to Colorado in 2014 with my family and I knew that I had finally found my forever home! I wanted to show my pride, but I couldn’t find anything that really had enough flair and girly vibes. I decided that there was no time like the present to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur and designer, thus Rocky Mountain Love Co was born!

My hope is that when you wear your Rocky Mountain Love Co swag, you feel a sense of pride, that you feel closer to the mountains and to nature. I want it to motivate you to go outside and check something off your bucket list, our items are made to experience the wonders of nature!

Cynthia Hogan

PS: A portion of each sale is donated to help fight against Breast Cancer, to pay homage to my mother who was diagnosed at age 37!

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