Skin Care with Dory

Dory Johnson grew up Princeton, New Jersey and spent most of her life in Colorado where the sun is intense and the air is very dry. She’s had extensive experience with these harsh conditions and the effects that it has on the skin. She learned early from her personal experience with rosacea and sun damage from outdoor sports how important it was to take care of her skin and the amazing difference it made She is a firm believer in treatment oriented Skin Care and Daily Home skin Care. She brings years of personal experience and expertise to her skin care practice.

She was a professional photographer and business owner( for almost 20 years. She’s led women's empowerment groups, she loves dance, martial arts and to spend time with family, friends, big dog Charlie and 2 cats.

Dory incorporates all she has learned in her skin care practice drawing from her extensive background in the arts and business.

Licensed Esthetician Colorado and California
Certified in Microcurrent, Dermaplaning, Chemical Resurfacing, Micro-Needling and Microdermabrasion

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